Three-Part People, Three-Part Problem, Three-Part Solution

Three Part People

Being a human being means you have three parts to yourself that work together to cause you to thrive and stay alive during your time on Earth. All three parts are have different roles. Wouldn’t it be a tragedy if we did not know the role of each of these parts?

Unfortunately, many of us finish out our lives without knowing any of it, and we live each day feeling powerless and hopeless to change leading us to broken lives and a lifetime of bondage. God said that we perish because of our lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6) His Word is a light in the darkness and reveals all truth. Let’s learn some truth!


Spirit, Soul, and Body. These are your three parts. Your spirit and soul are eternal. Your body is temporary but important. It allows your spirit and soul to engage in life on Earth. Without it, we, as believers, would be in the presence of God. (Ecclesiastes 12:7)


Your Spirit

Our spirit connects to one of two external spiritual source. We are born into the Spirit of This World, which is anything that is in opposition to God. (Ephesians 2:1-3)


As a believer, we detach from that spirit and become one with the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit. (1 Corinthians 6:17) The good news is nothing can change that. (John 10:28-30)


When we live from our spirit, the truth about God and the world He created flows through us to our soul and then body resulting in abundant life. Unfortunately, we usually have beliefs that are blocking that flow from our spiritual connection to God.

Instead of a solid connection to truth and love, we settle for less. We think the crumbs from His table are a gift, but, in reality, we are to dine at that table with our Heavenly Father. Thankfully, blockages disappear when we align our beliefs with God.


Your Soul

Your soul consists of your mind, will, and emotions. It also connects your spirit and body. One of the problems that can happen is that we start to let our soul rule over our spirit and body. That means we come up with our own ideas or remember the ones we learned from the Spirit of this World. We exert our own will instead of the will of the Father, and we allow our emotions to rule us.

As dieters, we create obstacles to God when we turn to food for emotional comfort. Believing food can comfort us is a lie blocking God’s truth from us. God said the Holy Spirit is our Comforter, not food. (John 14:26)


If God promises to comfort us and make all things work together for our good, what does food promise us? Food is only temporary, giving us a moment of comfort before it becomes energy in our bodies. When we don’t use energy, we pack on fat. When our soul is in charge, we eat for comfort or pure pleasure, and we gain fat because we are not using food properly.


Your Body

Your body is a thing of wonder to behold. Perfectly designed to live on Earth in fellowship with God. But when we allow our body to lead us instead of our spirit, we become enslaved to fleshy desires. We live in addiction and dead-end cycles of defeat feeling completely defeated.


Diet Culture tells us that if we could just work harder or try this diet, it will change everything. But it’s not true. If you try to change your body first without considering what’s going on in your spirit and soul, you are setting yourself up for another defeat.


Three-Part Solution

Since we are three-part people who have a three-part problem, we need a three-part solution. To stop living in dead-end cycles, we have to understand what is going on in all three of our parts. Who is your spirit connected to? What are you believing about food? What is going on in your soul? What is your body addicted to? These things are all working together to give you the results you are getting. 


To experience the freedom we all long to live in, we have to make sure all three of our parts are in alignment with truth about God, His ways, our design, and we have to understand how they work together for us and for our destiny. Knowing the purpose and design of our spirit, soul, and body, spiritually and scientifically, we can make lasting changes that lead us to a Lifestyle of Freedom.


That’s what Exit Diet Culture is all about! Giving you knowledge and power that will lead you into freedom, which also means finally getting to your weight loss goals and staying there for good.

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