The Human Tragedy

Shakespeare wrote comedies, tragedies, and histories. He understood the human condition very well and made us laugh at ourselves, cry, and appreciate the sacrifices of those who’d gone before us. Some of his tragedies were gut-wrenching, and I wonder if that is what God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit felt when they looked upon the human condition before Jesus came on the scene. We had gotten ourselves in trouble and needed help that existed beyond our human ability. Romans 1:25 describes the tragedy well saying–They exchanged the Creator for the created, and the truth for lies. As the knight in Raiders of the Lost Ark famously stated when the greedy man chose his goblet, “He choose, poorly.” So did we! 


Perfection Through Suffering

Hebrews 2:10 puts this tragedy in perspective for us. It says that Jesus would be perfected through suffering. What does that mean? Isn’t Jesus already perfect? When you do a word study, you’ll see it means that Jesus, who was experiencing the splendor of Heaven, left His place there to enter into the plight (a dangerous, difficult, or otherwise unfortunate situation aka tragedy) of mankind to restore us and mature us to our original status to rule and reign with Him. 


The suffering Jesus experienced was simply being born on Earth just like us and having to live here under the authority and power of Satan, which originally belonged to humans before Satan stolen it from us in the Garden. The perfection was when He fulfilled the law by living the perfect life, died for our sins, won the battle with Satan, winning back all we lost in the Garden of Eden, and He provided a way for our spirits to be one with God again and never lose it to a crafty serpent.


Even though Jesus restored all this authority and power back to His people, we often don’t live any differently than people oblivious to the tragedy of mankind and goodness of God. People who are caught in dead-end diet cycles are not experiencing the freedom Jesus provided for us. We are not to live in bondage, enslaved to things on Earth, but as sons and daughters free, living above the circumstances that come our way.


Spiritual Principles

So how do we embrace all that God has given us so we can experience different results? Remember our spiritual connection is either with the Spirit of this World or the Spirit of God. Even though we are connected to the Spirit of God, we can still recall and use strategies from the Spirit of this World. We must stick to the truth and principles God has in place to experience freedom.


There are spiritual principles that apply to people whether you are a believer or not. For instance, sowing and reaping. If you give, you will receive. There are believers and nonbelievers who understand this and do accordingly, reaping the rewards. Forgiveness is another biblical principle. If we don’t forgive, we stay bound up in grief, anger, or regret. When we forgive, we are released from this and our soul wounds begin to heal. When we know what’s true and apply it to our lives, we get results that line up with truth leading to freedom and the destiny we were meant to experience.


As believers and co-heirs with Christ, we have access to the same power and authority God gave to Jesus. That means Satan cannot influence us unless we give him our power and authority. Part of our battle as dieters, is taking back from Satan what is rightfully ours. It’s things like our identity, our ability to bind and loose, making our words line up with the Word of God, and seeing everything from God’s perspective. 


To exit Diet Culture, we have to be willing to apply spiritual principles and even physical principles that will get us out of dead-end diet cycles into a lifestyle of freedom. It doesn’t happen without intentional effort. At first the effort seems like it will be difficult, but when we obey what God tells us to do, He becomes the strength within our weakness. He loves us and wants us to overcome, win, and help others do the same. He is for us, but we have to be all about Him and His ways, too.


Freedom Framework

The Freedom Framework in Exit Diet Culture is a simple, biblically based method of freedom with universal principles that you can apply to exiting Diet Culture and anything else that has you bound. They are simple and can even be taught to children to prevent them from falling into a lifetime of cycles of defeat. We were not meant to live a tragedy where we merely exist oppressed by a destitute human condition. That’s what the enemy would tell you, but our job is to overcome that condition and bring the Kingdom of God into our world allowing Him to rule and reign on Earth through us. It is an exciting adventure!

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