Let me help you Exit Diet Culture.

Hi! I’m Jermaine. I’m here to show you, through my own experience, how you can leave the diet cycles of Diet Culture behind, reach your weight loss goal, and maintain it for good. Each blog will have a key that will get you closer to your transformation and freedom. 

The Human Tragedy

Shakespeare wrote comedies, tragedies, and histories. He understood the human condition very well and made us laugh at ourselves, cry, and appreciate the sacrifices of those who’d gone before us. Some of his tragedies were gut-wrenching, and I wonder if that is what God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit felt when they looked upon the

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The Entitled Mindset

For so long, I felt that I should not have to work hard at losing weight. I felt that I should be able to make a few adjustments in my diet to lose the weight because I did not want to work too hard at it. Other people don’t seem to have to work so

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Ditch the Dead-End Diet Cycles and Love your Life Again

Finally, be in control of food, wake up each day with a renewed mindset, and find strength in your relationship with God. You can overcome all the obstacles holding you back from the life you were designed to live. This isn’t another diet. This is freedom!

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